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Thank you so much for creating and hosting the 7 day happiness challenge last week, I really enjoyed it. I suprised myself with how much it resonated with me. In particular, day 4 - gratitude - has helped to remind me of all the things I have in my life to be grateful for. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful and I will be continuing to write in my gratitude journal every day.

Oisin H, Canada

The ‘7-Day Happiness Challenge’ helped me to take a step away from my daily routine and gain a new perspective on the things I value the most, while highlighting my key strengths. It’s helped me identify areas that I want to focus more on, both from a career point of view as well as my personal life. In times of great uncertainty, it was enormously helpful to feel grounded and focused, using nothing but my own thoughts and being guided by Craoi. As a result, I’ve started writing about my motherhood journey, my family has booked a weekend away to make sure we spend more quality time with each other and we’ve started a fun-calendar to hold us accountable for our own happiness. Thank you Craoi.

Vanja W, Australia

I loved the 7 day happiness challenge - it was so nice to realise what actually makes me happy and how much of it I actually have, instead of always chasing or thinking I need more from life. Thank you Craoi, I really enjoyed it and all of the other content and workshops that you share. I can't wait to do more soon and will continue my new happiness tasks going forward.

Caroline M, Ireland

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