Our Secret Superpower

Look inside and you'll know what to do. Times are tough, but so are you!

Right now, we are all going through some crazy times – times we can never have prepared for! We are all doing the best we can to do our part while also remaining healthy and strong in the face of adversity…phew it’s a full-time gig!

No doubt there’s times we feel overwhelmed, fragile and vulnerable. It’s important to remember however that no matter how we feel, we are all stronger than we think.

You are stronger than you know. Your inner strength is your superpower!

We might not always feel strong or powerful, but within us all is a hidden warrior, we just need to greet it and embrace this strength, now more than ever. All it takes is looking within and really tapping into our internal thoughts and instincts to find it and use it. On the bright side, less time interacting with people on a daily basis allows for more time to interact with ourselves. To help unleash this inner power - we’ve put together 7 secret weapons we can use to feel stronger:

1) Trust Your Gut Instinct

Your gut instinct, or intuition is a secret weapon that you have and should use. There’s no need to think or ask others for their opinion – you just know, and this power is unique to you. Only you will know what is right or wrong in that moment for you.

There is a reason the gut is also known as your ‘second brain’. It doesn’t have the ability to control or create thoughts however it does send messages to our brains – with profound results. Pay attention to your gut feelings – if something gives you those good butterflies then make sure to do more of it, if something makes you feel anxious then look at why and how you can turn this around. Remember not to overthink or allow other opinions sway your initial gut instincts – a great way to ensure that you are creating that space to truly hear what your gut is telling you is covered in the next point; meditation.

2) Meditation

Meditation allows us that space and time to go inside. It provides clarity and encourages our minds to be quiet and release all thoughts. With clarity comes space for our intuition and gut instinct to kick in. We are all guilty of over thinking and with so much news and updates coming at us from all angles our brains are no doubt in over drive.

Meditation is scientifically proven to reduce stress levels, help control and manage anxiety and promote emotional health. However, it can be hard to meditate especially if you are new to it. Not to fear; there are many apps, books, podcasts and documentaries out there that can help you on your mindfulness journey. Check out our article ‘Let’s be Mindful This May’ and jump to tip number 4 to discover some of our favourites.

3) Belief

We have all had moments in our lives when we have had to be strong. Maybe it was standing up to a school yard bully, demanding a promotion for the hard work that you were doing, getting rid of a toxic partner from your life. Or something not so obvious that required just as much strength; like travelling on your own, learning how to drive your first car, or picking yourself up and starting a new chapter. Choose a time in your mind of when you were strong and powerful. Remember this, sit with the memory and really visualise and revisit the moment. Remember what it felt like to be that strong – can you remember how proud you felt of yourself? Hold on to the feeling and bring it back to the surface. That inner strength was all you – that came from within and it is something that you can continue to tap into whenever you need to. There is beauty in strength – and strength often comes from our vulnerabilities. So believe in your strength and believe in yourself - because if you don't then how can you expect others to. 4) Affirmations

Positive affirmations are phrases, sentences or mantras that you repeat to yourself so that your subconscious mind starts to believe in what you are saying. Why not get creative and have some fun with it; you can leave affirmations on your bathroom mirror so that you say them every time you brush your teeth, or get an affirmation blackboard to leave next to your favourite spot in your house – so when you sit here to relax you are reminded to repeat your affirmation. There are so many affirmations online that you can use or even get inspiration from to create your own.

5) Gratitude

Research shows that be introducing gratitude into your life you can benefit in a number of ways. One key benefit is higher levels of positive emotions and lower levels of stress. Being grateful on a regular basis can take some time and energy. However, there are some easy and effective ways you can introduce gratitude into your life. A great place to start is to grab a journal and start writing down 3 things that you are grateful for daily. You will be blown away by the impact this will have on your mind frame and your happiness. Start with yourself - what do you love most about yourself and what are you must grateful for. Think about times where you have shown these qualities and really take some time to appreciate your amazing characteristics and strengths.

6) Laughter They say laughter is the best medicine. It's a miracle worker; laughter reduces stress and can relieve pain. Life can be very serious at times, as we know, however how we handle life’s curve-balls is up to us. Of course, there will be times where laughter is not appropriate, helpful or possible, there is a place and time for all emotions. However, if you can turn that frown upside down and have a good belly laugh you are also benefiting yourself in many other ways. Laughter can help build immunity and increase overall health. It can reduce anxiety and boost your mood. It can also increase your motivation and reduce levels of stress hormones to keep you feeling calmer and more relaxed. When we feel happier, more relaxed and stress free we are also in a better position to feel more confident and stronger overall. 7) Exercise Okay so technically not a power that comes from within, however it has been proven that when you feel stronger physically you also feel stronger mentally. Studies have found that exercise can not only boost your mood but can have huge psychological affects and even help those suffering from depression. It can increase your brain health, memory, help with relaxation and sleep, reduce your risk of chronic diseases, boost your mood and also increase your overall happiness. This is why we often feel so at ease and clear after exercising – in turn allowing us to tackle any problems head on, and ensure the glass is half full rather than half empty.

We hope these tips motivate and inspire you to find your inner superpower and remember just how strong you can be. Stay safe in these uncertain times - as always please let us know if you would like to see any specific content; we would love to hear from you :) Love The Serenity Club x

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