How To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day From Your Home

With pubs and restaurants closed, and St.Patrick's parades cancelled nationwide, it can be hard to feel festive. But now is the time that we need a day of celebrating our country more than ever - so let's persevere and make St. Patrick proud #togetherathome.

Since the 1700's we have been celebrating Saint Patrick from far and wide and although this year will be a far cry from the norm let's try keep our spirits up and raise a glass to the man himself from the comfort of our own homes.

3 things that we can all do today to keep the celebrations and craic going!

1. Host Your Own Virtual Paddy's Day Party

2. Get Creative In The Kitchen

3. Have an Irish themed day

1. Host Your Own Virtual Paddy's Day Party

We all know that right now is a vital time to stay indoors and away from our friends and family. However, that doesn't mean that we can't still celebrate the day together.

So why not set-up a ZOOM conference call and host your very own virtual party.

ZOOM basic plan allows you to join for free; all you need is a good WiFi connection or mobile data to get connected.

Once connected everyone joining can share their video and access their microphones.

Why not have a bit of fun and change your background to a St. Patrick's Day theme - rainbows, shamrocks and sheep could all be floating behind your head for all to see. Another way to get the party started is to ask everyone to come prepared to perform a Patriotic Paddy's Day Party Piece; a jig, a poem, a song or even a cocktail demonstration - get creative and encourage everyone to get involved. Why not invite some of your musical friends to play some tunes & get everyone dancing from their living rooms. Or you can download an online Paddy's Day playlist and blast the tunes from your speakers. You could even play some games - charades will also be fun with a virtual crowd, or 'never have I ever' for those with drinks in hand.

Get creative and host a party that everyone can enjoy - most importantly use this day as an excuse to keep morale up and you never know; virtual parties might become a thing of the future.

2. Get Creative In The Kitchen

St.Patrick's day is usually spent outdoors; at a parade, down the pub, at a friend's house. And it's not very often we get some time on our hands to create a Paddy's Day feast. Why not use this downtime as an excuse to prepare a delicious Irish themed dinner for your family at home. We often celebrate key occasions through food; Thanksgiving, Easter Sunday, Christmas.

This year be innovative and create a St.Patrick's day dinner menu to beat all other holidays.

Of course you could go down the traditional route of Bacon and Cabbage, or you could introduce some of your favourite green foods to create a patriotic delight. If you have some green food colouring in the cupboard you could even bake some Irish inspired cupcakes. Delicious and therapeutic at the same time. Share your menu ideas with friends and encourage a nationwide cook-a-thon - this day is not just about drinking and parties - it's a day to celebrate our heritage; everyone knows that Irish food and produce is best in class - so what better way to honour the day and the main man himself.

3. Have an Irish themed day

Okay so we can't go out and parade our finest Irish attire at our local parade - but we can go out walking in it.

Green is the colour of the day - so why not dress up in your best moss and emerald coloured clothes, tie some green ribbons in your hair and walk the streets loud and proud - but with 2 metres apart from others of course.

Fill today with Irish culture and heritage; take out that tin whistle, blow off the cobwebs from your fiddle and dust down your bodhran. Make music - individually or with friends via ZOOM or Skype. If playing music isn't your strength then listen to it - from Raglan Road to The Wild Rover, there are so many Irish songs to choose from. Music reduces stress, lessens anxiety and improves your mood - so now is the perfect time to immerse yourself in your favourite Irish music and dance like no-one is watching, because on this Paddy's Day they probably aren't for once!

Why not use this quieter Paddy's Day as a time to catch up on some of the best Irish television and movies. Father Ted & Derry Girls are guaranteed to have you laughing on the couch and The Young Offenders movie is so crazy that it will definitely get your mind off the news for a few hours. There are so many great Irish shows and movies out there - why not use today as a day to pick your favourite, sit back, relax and embrace this Paddy's Day for what it truly is - a day to celebrate who you are and where you come from. You don't need to be in a pub to feel patriotic after all.

Whatever you choose to do today, we hope you can still appreciate the day that is in it. When the going gets tough, let's get band together as a community and make sure to keep morale high. The essence of today can still shine through and how amazing would it be - to make this a memorable day for all and to just remind ourselves why we are so lucky and proud to be the nation that we are! #irishandproud Happy St.Patrick's Day everyone! Love The Serenity Club xxx

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