Craoi was born in 2020, with a unified wish for all people to live a happy and healthy life, we created Craoi as a one stop shop for all your work life balance & wellness needs. What started out as events and classes has now moved to the online world so that we can spread the practice of serenity and wellness around the world. We truly believe in living a life full of joy, gratitude, happiness and good health. These feelings inform and guide our core teachings shared on this platform through content, workshops, fun challenges and more. Explore our site to learn about us, what we offer and what we can do to help improve your happiness and wellbeing.

Craoi offers a unique pioneering combination of behavioural psychology, technology and data analytics to connect users with leading industry experts across 4 key wellbeing pillars. 

Craoi is a tailored innovative solution with a focus on helping individuals restore their work-life balance and improve their overall wellbeing, through education, connection, choice, and ongoing support.

.Explore our site to learn about Craoi and how you can start restoring your work life balance and improving your wellbeing.

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